Our Process

A Service Representative will help you design your Master Composite, assist you with scheduling and proof approvals, and answer any questions you may have. A photo session is scheduled at a convenient location at your site. One of our skilled portrait photographers will photograph your members on an amazingly efficient shooting schedule and make the event fun. To get started with your Composite, click here.

You can now benefit from the immediate feedback of video proofing right at your photo shoot. You'll really enjoy being able to see and approve your pose immediately. You can even order portrait reprints on the spot. Video proofing trims weeks of traditional proofing time. You will receive a "proof copy" of your composite layout so that you can check and approve all components. You can approve or make minor revisions by phone or here.

Talented FCS retouchers next perfect each individual portrait. The background board is plotted and lettered. Our artisans die cut the portraits and mount them on your chosen background, adding dimensional mortises, borders, your crest, lettering and other finishing touches shown in our Design Catalog.

We have a very strict quality control process at FCS. In addition to the standard quality process that other companies employ, both our President and our Production Manager look at every composite a minimum of three times during the composite "construction." Nothing leaves the building without the President’s approval.

Your completed Composite can be shipped to you fully framed behind shatterproof glass. Our Composite Package includes the original handcrafted MegaMural Master Composite and an 11" x 14" composite copy for each member.

Your FCS MegaMural Master Composite is free when group members order 11"x14" reprints. There are no additional sitting or retouching fees. Pricing is based on the number of participants and the options and embellishments chosen. Contact us for complete pricing details.

MegaMural Master Composites may include as few as 4 portraits or as many as 300+. Finished dimensions depend on the number of individuals. You may order additional reprints at any time. To get started with your Composite, click here.

Complimentary Founders Program
Is your group a new colony? If so, we provide a free Master Composite of your Founding Members and free 11"x14" and wallet reproductions for each member with your purchase of a two-year agreement. This includes your choice of premium embellishments. 
To get started with your Composite, click here.