Our Story

Raymond Gallman

Providing the highest quality composites for Colleges and Universities across the country since 1954!

Founded in 1954, Raymond F. Gallman was an innovator and artisan. He was one of the first to produce composites in color; and the first to print the names of the individuals underneath the pictures. Each composite was handcrafted and truly a proud keepsake among the fraternities and sororities. 

Our founder had a passion for the composite industry, and that passion has continued to our current team. The owner of the company (second generation), the vice presidents (third generation) and their staff know that they have the best product, and that they provide the best service.

Today, that innovation and quality craftsmanship continues to ring true, and is the underlying success of a family-owned business of three generations of composite makers. We’ll never lose site of our traditions, while providing you the highest quality composites that will honor and preserve your legacy for lifetimes to come.