Quality Keepsakes

Composites are the traditional way of preserving the heritage of your organization. The composite YOU select will memorialize your time in the history of your organization and YOU owe it to your present members to select the composite that will leave a lasting legacy for decades to come.
At Fraternal Composite Service, we do not make the so called 'modern', 'enhanced', or 'digital plaque' composites which primarily consist of a large single sheet of photographic paper with your pictures printed on it. In essence, these flat poster style 'composites' provide you with a large simulated photograph of what should be your traditional composite. 
Often, the manufacturers of these style composites even use plastic framing and plastic covers which do not provide the properties or structure worthy of entrusting the protection of your heritage.
Our traditional composites are created using the finest quality materials and designs to ensure that your composite will remain intact for decades. At the core of one of our traditional composites is a colorful conservation grade mat board. Your pictures may be placed directly on the mat board, or they may be placed in colorful individual frames that provide a true three dimensional presentation of your photographs as they extend outwardly from the mat board. 
The assembled mat board stands inside a structure created by tempered museum plate glass and solid wood framing. Heavy duty hardware and wire provide you a sturdy way to hang your composite. Put three generations of family craftsmanship to work for you to elegantly display and safely protect the heritage of your organization!