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Quality Guaranteed

We understand the importance of tradition so we only deliver perfection.

We here at Fraternal Composite Service, Inc.® are looking to work with your chapter for years to come. Our philosophy is that we do not “sell” composites, instead we build relationships. We care, we listen, and we work with every client to provide the best possible product at the fairest prices. At FCS we have a very strict quality control process. Our talented FCS retouchers expertly retouch every photograph, down to the tiniest detail! They eliminate just about any unwanted flaw so that everyone looks his or her best. Each individual portrait is color-corrected and backgrounds are airbrushed to ensure consistency among the portraits on your completed composite. Then, both our President and our Production Manager look at every composite a minimum of three times throughout the entire process to ensure your composite is up to our standards. Nothing leaves the building without the President’s approval. We will redo the composite if you are unsatisfied.

We stand behind our product. We will repair or replace composites if they are damaged. Our composites have a one year guarantee on any aspect of the composite and a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects.