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Sororities & Fraternities

Fraternities and sororities have been the traditional core of our business since 1954! We’ve served over 10,000 sororities and fraternities nationwide. Each composite is handcrafted and a proud keepsake among the fraternities and sororities. Today, that innovation and quality craftsmanship continues to ring true and is the underlying success of a family-owned business of three generations of composite makers. We’ll never lose sight of our traditions while providing you the highest quality composites that will honor and preserve your legacy for lifetimes to come. Your composite from FCS will last for decades. Don't take our word for it— see what some of our customers have to say!

Complimentary Founders Program

Is your organization a new colony? If so, we’ll provide a complimentary Master Composite of your founding members. We’ll also provide free 11”x14" composite copies and wallet reproductions for each member with your purchase of a two-year agreement. This also includes your choice of premium embellishments! 
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