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Our Simple 4-Step Process

At FCS, we believe in quality. Our traditional composites are always hand-crafted and never a digital printout. An FCS photo composite is not merely a flat photo print. We create a rich dimensionality by layering with molded mortise shapes to create an heirloom-quality keepsake of your group. Your group's unique style and spirit can be expressed through hand-painted embellishments like crests, seals, banners, flowers, athletic logos, and other touches. We use the finest quality materials and designs to ensure that your composite will remain intact for decades.

At the core of one of our traditional composites is a colorful conservation grade mat board. Your pictures may be placed directly on the mat board, or they may be placed in colorful individual frames that provide a true three-dimensional presentation of your photographs as they extend outward. The assembled mat board stands inside a structure created by tempered museum plate glass and solid wood framing. We install heavy-duty hardware and wire so you can hang your composite elegantly and safely protect the heritage of your organization!

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    STEP ONE: Scheduling

    •Fill out the online form and a service representative will give you a call at a time that works best for you.
    •We’ll schedule a photo session at a convenient time and location at your site.
    •Unlike other companies, we hire skilled, in-house portrait photographers. You’ll get the advantage of working with photographers that have worked with FCS for years! You’ll receive the same quality and consistency for years to come.

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    STEP TWO: The Day of Your Shoot

    •Our photography team will provide everything you need for a successful shoot. They’ll arrive 30 - 60 minutes early to set up. This allows them ample time to set up lights and equipment for an efficient shoot.
    •Our photographers will provide extra drapes and pearls for sorority members and extra blue sports coats and ties for fraternity members. However, we recommend you bring your own attire as sizing and styles can vary.
    •See your photos right away! We offer live proofing at your shoot. Each chapter member will be able to see and approve their pose immediately so they are 100% happy.
    •Your photographer can photograph up to 25 members per hour.

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    STEP THREE: Proofing

    •Talented FCS retouchers will perfect each portrait.
    •You’ll receive a “proof copy” of your composite layout. After reviewing your "proof copy," you can simply approve all components or request minor revisions by phone or by clicking here.

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    STEP FOUR: Print and Ship

    •Your completed hand-crafted composite, fully-framed behind shatterproof glass, as well as the individual 11x14 composite copies for each member, will ship after your approval.
    Our Quality is Guaranteed - Our composites have a one year guarantee on any aspect of the composite and a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects.

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